pelican turbo controller for PS1 instructions

I lost the instruction manual for my pelican turbo PS1 controller. Asked several places for help, but to no avail.  Even the tech support at Pelican performance has no knowledge of this controller at all, let alone giving me instructions.  Heck, it seems that no one even knows what a PlayStation One is anymore… yet people still talk about atari and commodores…
It took me a while to figure out the basics so I’d better write it down, in case someone else needs it.
Here is how to work it:
It has 3 extra buttons: [RESET] [TURBO] and [SLOW], and two LEDs, one above [TURBO] and the other above [SLOW].
to disable turbo: [RESET] simply turns off the [TURBO].
to enable turbo: press [TURBO] to turn it on (LED is lit). press and hold the action key while turbo is on (unfortunately it only works with 1 action key (), ^, X, [], but not directional keys) to have rapid fire over that action button.
to switch firing rate: while holding [TURBO], press [START] to switch through 3 different firing rates.  The LED above [SLOW] will start flash at different rates to indicate its frequency.
to slow down actions: if you press [SLOW], the LED starts to flash, and it somehow has the equivalence of pressing [START]… this is the part that I haven’t fully figured out – my guess is that with slow, it means you intermittently press [START] due to the fact that many games treat [START] as pause.  You press [SLOW] again to turn it off.

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