a few notes on vista

finally got the machine to the way I wanted.  just want to jog down a few quick notes on vista ultimate.
  Open command window here is now built in.  The secret is to right-click while holding down the "shift" key, so it will show up in the context menu.
  Symbolic links. this is probably something a linux user has long been waiting for.  although it is said symbolic links had been present in NTFS for quite a while, there hadn’t been any user commands for making them.  But now, you can always use mklink to create a symbolic link (or even a hard link, if you desire).  This allows me to alleviate some burdens off from the C partition – software such as Windows Live Mail doesn’t allow a user to choose where to install the program or where to save the mail files.  By using symlinks, I can create a directory on a bigger partition (D:\ for example), and then symlink it from C:\
  However, it is tricky sometimes because a dos command doesn’t have administrative previliges, so the trick is to create a shortcut to cmd.exe, open the window under "RunAs administrators", and then the shell will have all the administrative powers you need to symlink.
  procedures for symlinking Windows Live Mail to a different partition
  – Create a folder on D:\ (or any other partition that is big enough), let’s name it  Johns_Email
  – Copy everything from  C:\Users\John\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\  to D:\Johns_Email
  – Rename Windows Live Mail folder on C:\ partition to something else, such as __Windows_Live_Mail
  – Open cmd.exe using administrative previliges
  – cd c:\Users\John\AppData\Local\Microsoft
  – mklink /d "Windows Live Mail" "D:\Johns_Email"
  – Run Windows Live Mail application and make sure it works
  – Delete C:\Users\John\AppData\Local\Microsoft\__Windows_Live_Mail
  Many applications do not work, including Nero Burning Rom prior to version 8.  And it is a good opportunity for money-hunger companies to abandon earlier versions of their app, and force consumers to buy their latest "vista-compatible" version.  Shame on them.
   The old tweakUI and powertoys are also among the missing ones.
  There seems to be a glitch (or limitation?) with copying.  It seems the filename + path cannot exceed 260 characters.  To get around this, use a compression application such as WinRAR, to compress the data you want to copy, and then uncompress it to the destination.  Do not use Windows’ built-in zipping tool, because it suffers the same fate as copying.
   It is annoying that virtually everything you do will trigger the permission dialog box to pop up.
   Aero seems to be focusing too much on its "wow" effects, but missed the fundamental functionalities.  No matter how good your desktop looks, the screen size is still limited, and what users want is a simple Virtual Desktop to extend the screen property.
   File Sharing using the wizard is confusing (for me, at least), and I still went back to the old XP/2000 way (less secure??)
   Another thing keeps me wondering is the login screen.  There seems to be no way to remove the welcome screen for logging in. While it is okay for a home user because the list of user accounts will be small, how can it be used for a large institute with thousands of users?
   Bye FDisk.  Hello DiskPart. (seems to be present in XP as well, but honestly I didn’t know that)

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